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Gradle is a build system that helps to automate and manage your building process. It downloads required dependencies, packages your code, and prepares it for compilation. Learn about Gradle basics and specifics on the Gradle website.

You can set up your own project with these instructions for different platforms or pass a small step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to create a simple backend "Hello World" application in Kotlin.

In this chapter, you can also learn about:

What's next?

Learn about:

  • Gradle Kotlin DSL. The Gradle Kotlin DSL is a domain specific language that you can use to write build scripts quickly and efficiently.

  • Annotation processing. Kotlin supports annotation processing via the Kotlin Symbol processing API.

  • Generating documentation. To generate documentation for Kotlin projects, use Dokka; please refer to the Dokka README for configuration instructions. Dokka supports mixed-language projects and can generate output in multiple formats, including standard Javadoc.

  • OSGi. For OSGi support see the Kotlin OSGi page.

Last modified: 04 September 2023