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Kotlin is a powerful real-world language suitable for teaching a wide range of computer science courses. Kotlin is loved by educators and students alike.

Why Teach Kotlin

  • The language of Android

    Revamp your course with the first-choice language for Android development.

  • Academically recognized

    22 of the top 100 universities in the Times Higher Education Rankings 2020 include Kotlin in their courses.

  • Easy to teach fundamental concepts

    Kotlin makes it easy to teach algorithmic problem-solving, data structures, machine learning, compilers, databases, and many other concepts.

  • Supports multiple paradigms

    Functional, imperative, object-oriented, and procedural programming can all be practiced with Kotlin.

  • Interoperable

    Seamless interoperability with the JVM ecosystem means that Kotlin can make use of numerous existing libraries.

  • Modern and concise language design

    Kotlin's syntactic simplicity makes it beginner-friendly, while at the same time, it offers sophisticated features that ambitious students can aspire to learn.

  • Supports coding safety

    Kotlin promotes writing programs correctly with static type checking, automatic memory management, and null safety.

  • Tooling and learning materials

    IntelliJ IDEA supports Kotlin as a first-class citizen and is free for educators and students. The variety of teaching open source resources from the community is ever-evolving.

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Kotlin Courses
Around the World

Explore our interactive map with links to university courses that include Kotlin.

  • 28 countries
  • 101 universities
  • Stanford university
  • Imperial College London
  • Johns Hopkins university
  • Penn
  • UCLA
  • Duke

If you are teaching Kotlin and would like to feature your academic institution and course, please reach
out to us at education@kotlinlang.org.
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  • Kotlin is faster to develop and comprehend what is happening; near 100% backwards compatibility makes it easy to show in Java and translate into Kotlin while still utilizing every available library from Java; Students seem to understand it fairly quickly.

    David Vaughn, University of Missouri–St. Louis