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The Programming in Kotlin course is a comprehensive toolkit for teaching Kotlin and can be easily customized to align with specific educational needs. The course comes with slides, lecture notes, and assessment resources.
Academically recognized
Academically recognized
Over 300 of the world’s top universities include Kotlin in various computer science courses (as of June 2023).
Language of the industry
Language of the industry
Kotlin is used by top companies such as Google, Amazon, Twitter, Reddit, Netflix, Uber, Slack, just to name a few.
Kotlin is a top choice for teaching Android development. It is also being adopted for teaching multiplatform development, web, server-side programming, data science, and other computer science topics.

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Kotlin is taught at 296 universities


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Kotlin is faster to develop and comprehend what is happening; near 100% backwards compatibility makes it easy to show in Java and translate into Kotlin while still utilizing every available library from Java; Students seem to understand it fairly quickly.

David Vaughn, University of Missouri–St. Louis


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