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Get started with Kotlin

You can get started with Kotlin using an online editor. If you already have an IDE or you are ready to install one, here are also some ways to begin using Kotlin on your local machine.

What's new in Kotlin

Discover what features are available in the newest Kotlin release. You can try out upcoming features in the preview versions before they are released.

Basics & concepts

Acquaint yourself with some of the concepts and the basics of Kotlin.

Ways to learn

Find a way to learn Kotlin that works for you. There are lots of learning materials available from our team and other authors.

Kotlin YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel is packed with resources for learning Kotlin! Subscribe to stay updated for shows, the latest news, and live events!

Stay in touch and contribute

If you are interested in what's going with Kotlin, join us on social media, and get involved.

Last modified: 13 September 2021