Android Studio

The development environment from Google based on the IntelliJ Platform from JetBrains for building Android and multiplatform apps.

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Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile plugin for Android Studio

A plugin that makes it possible to work with shared cross-platform code in Android Studio. You can build, run, test, and debug iOS applications without having to open Xcode.

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Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile plugin for AppCode

This plugin makes it possible to work with native and cross-platform code in AppCode ↗. You can build, run, debug, and test your multiplatform applications in a single IDE with a project model that unifies the cross-platform and native parts.

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The Apple IDE for iOS development designed to help you work on your iOS application’s UI.

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A set of libraries for architecture, UI, networking, and platform-specific APIs


Generates typesafe APIs from SQL statements and provides IDE features like autocompletion and refactoring to make writing and maintaining SQL simple


Provides a shared API for performing Bluetooth actions on both iOS and Android


A concurrency library from JetBrains that simplifies the asynchronous execution of code


A Kotlin multiplatform implementation of Reactive Extensions

Multiplatform Settings

A common API that stores key-value data using SharedPreferences on Android and NSUserDefaults on iOS


A full-featured network client that can be used with common code for implementing platform-agnostic networking


Multiple libraries, plugins, and tools for multiplatform development

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Multiplatform libraries

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