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License files for the Kotlin/Native binaries

Like many other open-source projects, Kotlin relies on third-party code, meaning that the Kotlin project includes some code not developed by JetBrains or the Kotlin programming language contributors. Sometimes it is derived work, such as code rewritten from C++ to Kotlin.

In particular, the Kotlin/Native compiler produces binaries that can include third-party code, data, or derived work. This means that the Kotlin/Native-compiled binaries are subject to the terms and conditions of the third-party licenses.

In practice, if you distribute a Kotlin/Native-compiled final binary, you should always include necessary license files in your binary distribution. The files should be accessible to users of your distribution in a readable form.

Always include the following license files for the corresponding projects:


Files to be included


Apache Harmony




3-clause BSD license with copyright notice


MIT license

Include in case you use the mimaloc memory allocator instead of the default one (the -Xallocator=mimalloc compiler option is set).

For more information on allocators, see Kotlin/Native memory management

Unicode character database

Unicode license

Multi-producer/multi-consumer bounded queue

Copyright notice

The mingwX64 target requires additional license files:

Last modified: 31 October 2023