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Sequential specification

To be sure that the algorithm provides correct sequential behavior, you can define its sequential specification by writing a straightforward sequential implementation of the testing data structure.

To provide a sequential specification of the algorithm for verification:

  1. Implement a sequential version of all the testing methods.

  2. Pass the class with sequential implementation to the sequentialSpecification() option:


For example, here is the test to check correctness of j.u.c.ConcurrentLinkedQueue from the Java standard library.

import org.jetbrains.kotlinx.lincheck.* import org.jetbrains.kotlinx.lincheck.annotations.* import org.jetbrains.kotlinx.lincheck.strategy.stress.* import org.junit.* import java.util.* import java.util.concurrent.* class ConcurrentLinkedQueueTest { private val s = ConcurrentLinkedQueue<Int>() @Operation fun add(value: Int) = s.add(value) @Operation fun poll(): Int? = s.poll() @Test fun stressTest() = StressOptions() .sequentialSpecification(SequentialQueue::class.java) .check(this::class) } class SequentialQueue { private val s = LinkedList<Int>() fun add(x: Int) = s.add(x) fun poll(): Int? = s.poll() }
Last modified: 23 April 2024