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Kotlin roadmap

Last modified onJanuary 2021
Time frame6 months until June 2021
Next updateApril 2021

Welcome to the Kotlin roadmap! Get a sneak peek into the priorities of the Kotlin Team.

Key priorities

The goal of this roadmap is to give you a big picture. Here’s a list of our key priorities – the areas we are investing the most effort into:

  • Fast turnaround: making the change-test-debug cycle really fast.

  • New compiler: a rewrite of the Kotlin compiler optimized for speed, parallelism, and unification. Later we will also work on pluggability.

  • Fast and smooth IDE: improving the stability and performance of the Kotlin IDE.

  • Kotlin for JVM server-side development: expanding support for server-side use cases across the Kotlin ecosystem.

  • Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile: improving the user experience and feature set for sharing code on mobile platforms.

Kotlin roadmap by subsystem

To view the biggest projects we're working on, visit the YouTrack board or the Roadmap details table.

If you have any questions or feedback about the roadmap or the items on it, feel free to post them to YouTrack tickets or in the #kotlin-roadmap channel of Kotlin Slack (request an invite ).

YouTrack board

Visit the new roadmap board in our issue tracker YouTrack YouTrack!

Roadmap board in YouTrack

Roadmap details

SubsystemIn focus nowPostponed for later
Compiler core
  • ⏸ Stable Compiler Plugin API

  • ⏸ Scripting improvements

Kotlin/WASMNote: Wasm support in Kotlin/Native (through LLVM) will be deprecated and removed
  • ⏸ Support Mac Catalyst

  • ⏸ Development with Kotlin/Native on Apple Silicon without Rosetta 2

  • ⏸ Direct interoperability with Swift

  • ⏸ Interoperability with C++

  • ⏸ Support Alpine Linux

Kotlin Multiplatform
  • ⏸ Advanced tooling that users have in Java but is missing in Kotlin.

  • ⏸ Quality of less frequently used features, except blocking problems.

  • ⏸ Support for VSCode or other IDEs. Community initiatives in this respect are welcome.

Build tools
  • ⏸ Improvements in Kotlin Maven support


Ktor roadmap

What's changed since October 2020

Completed items

We've completed the following items from the roadmap that we published in October 2020:

Postponed items

We've decided to postpone the following items from the previous roadmap:

New items

We've added the following items to the roadmap:

We've also added a new subsystem, Website, to share our roadmap for kotlinlang.org:

Items in progress

All other previously identified roadmap items are in progress. You can check their YouTrack tickets for updates.

Last modified: 11 February 2021