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Share your Kotlin Notebook

Now that you have created your first Kotlin Notebook, you are ready to share your work with others!

Share a Kotlin Notebook

To share a Kotlin Notebook, just upload it to any notebook web viewer because Kotlin notebooks follow the universal Jupyter format.

We recommend the following platforms to share Kotlin notebooks:

  • JetBrains Datalore: This platform not only facilitates the sharing of Kotlin notebooks but also improves their usability. Datalore allows you to execute and edit notebooks, and incorporates advanced features, such as creating interactive reports and scheduling notebook runs. To see it in action, see Kotlin Datalore example using DataFrame.

    Datalore Notebook example
  • GitHub: GitHub natively renders Kotlin notebooks, allowing for straightforward sharing and collaboration. For an example, see the Examples of Kotlin DataFrame GitHub repository.

    GitHub Notebook example

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Last modified: 12 April 2024