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Kotlin provides only minimal low-level APIs in its standard library to enable other libraries to utilize coroutines. Unlike many other languages with similar capabilities, async and await are not keywords in Kotlin and are not even part of its standard library. Moreover, Kotlin's concept of suspending function provides a safer and less error-prone abstraction for asynchronous operations than futures and promises.

kotlinx.coroutines is a rich library for coroutines developed by JetBrains. It contains a number of high-level coroutine-enabled primitives that this guide covers, including launch, async, and others.

This is a guide about the core features of kotlinx.coroutines with a series of examples, divided up into different topics.

In order to use coroutines as well as follow the examples in this guide, you need to add a dependency on the kotlinx-coroutines-core module as explained in the project README.

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Last modified: 19 July 2024