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SAM-with-receiver compiler plugin

The sam-with-receiver compiler plugin makes the first parameter of the annotated Java "single abstract method" (SAM) interface method a receiver in Kotlin. This conversion only works when the SAM interface is passed as a Kotlin lambda, both for SAM adapters and SAM constructors (see the SAM conversions documentation for more details).

Here is an example:

public @interface SamWithReceiver {} @SamWithReceiver public interface TaskRunner { void run(Task task); }
fun test(context: TaskContext) { val runner = TaskRunner { // Here 'this' is an instance of 'Task' println("$name is started") context.executeTask(this) println("$name is finished") } }


The usage is the same to all-open and no-arg, except the fact that sam-with-receiver does not have any built-in presets, and you need to specify your own list of special-treated annotations.

plugins { kotlin("plugin.sam.with.receiver") version "2.0.0" }
plugins { id "org.jetbrains.kotlin.plugin.sam.with.receiver" version "2.0.0" }

Then specify the list of SAM-with-receiver annotations:

samWithReceiver { annotation("com.my.SamWithReceiver") }


<plugin> <artifactId>kotlin-maven-plugin</artifactId> <groupId>org.jetbrains.kotlin</groupId> <version>${kotlin.version}</version> <configuration> <compilerPlugins> <plugin>sam-with-receiver</plugin> </compilerPlugins> <pluginOptions> <option> sam-with-receiver:annotation=com.my.SamWithReceiver </option> </pluginOptions> </configuration> <dependencies> <dependency> <groupId>org.jetbrains.kotlin</groupId> <artifactId>kotlin-maven-sam-with-receiver</artifactId> <version>${kotlin.version}</version> </dependency> </dependencies> </plugin>

Command-line compiler

Add the plugin JAR file to the compiler plugin classpath and specify the list of sam-with-receiver annotations:

-Xplugin=$KOTLIN_HOME/lib/sam-with-receiver-compiler-plugin.jar -P plugin:org.jetbrains.kotlin.samWithReceiver:annotation=com.my.SamWithReceiver
Last modified: 19 March 2024