fun <T> setOf(vararg elements: T): Set<T> (source)

Returns a new read-only set with the given elements. Elements of the set are iterated in the order they were specified. The returned set is serializable (JVM).

inline fun <T> setOf(): Set<T> (source)

Returns an empty read-only set. The returned set is serializable (JVM).

import kotlin.test.*

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
val set = setOf<String>()
println("set.isEmpty() is ${set.isEmpty()}") // true

// another way to create an empty set,
// type parameter is inferred from the expected type
val other: Set<Int> = emptySet()

// Empty sets are equal

println("set == other is ${set == other}") // true
println(set) // []
fun <T> setOf(element: T): Set<T> (source)

Returns an immutable set containing only the specified object element. The returned set is serializable.