Serializer for java.time.Duration. All possible Hocon duration formats [] are accepted for decoding. During encoding, the serializer emits values using time unit short names: d, h, m, s, ms, us, ns. The largest integer time unit is encoded. Example: 120.seconds -> 2 m; 121.seconds -> 121 s; 120.minutes -> 2 h; 122.minutes -> 122 m; 24.hours -> 1 d. When encoding, there is a conversion to kotlin.time.Duration. All restrictions on the maximum and minimum duration are specified in kotlin.time.Duration. Usage example:

data class ExampleDuration(
val duration: java.time.Duration
val config = ConfigFactory.parseString("duration = 1 day")
val exampleDuration = Hocon.decodeFromConfig(ExampleDuration.serializer(), config)
val newConfig = Hocon.encodeToConfig(ExampleDuration.serializer(), exampleDuration)


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open override val descriptor: SerialDescriptor


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open override fun deserialize(decoder: Decoder): Duration
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open override fun serialize(encoder: Encoder, value: Duration)