abstract fun serialize(encoder: Encoder, value: T)(source)

Serializes the value of type T using the format that is represented by the given encoder. serialize method is format-agnostic and operates with a high-level structured Encoder API. Throws SerializationException if value cannot be serialized.

Example of serialize method:

class MyData(int: Int, stringList: List<String>, alwaysZero: Long)

fun serialize(encoder: Encoder, value: MyData): Unit = encoder.encodeStructure(descriptor) {
// encodeStructure encodes beginning and end of the structure
// encode 'int' property as Int
encodeIntElement(descriptor, index = 0,
// encode 'stringList' property as List<String>
encodeSerializableElement(descriptor, index = 1, serializer<List<String>>, value.stringList)
// don't encode 'alwaysZero' property because we decided to do so
} // end of the structure

See also

for additional information about general contracts and exception specifics


in case of any serialization-specific error

if the supplied input does not comply encoder's specification