fun Char.Companion.serializer(): KSerializer<Char>

Returns serializer for Char with descriptor of PrimitiveKind.CHAR kind.

fun Byte.Companion.serializer(): KSerializer<Byte>

Returns serializer for Byte with descriptor of PrimitiveKind.BYTE kind.

fun Short.Companion.serializer(): KSerializer<Short>

Returns serializer for Short with descriptor of PrimitiveKind.SHORT kind.

fun Int.Companion.serializer(): KSerializer<Int>

Returns serializer for Int with descriptor of PrimitiveKind.INT kind.

fun Long.Companion.serializer(): KSerializer<Long>

Returns serializer for Long with descriptor of PrimitiveKind.LONG kind.

fun Float.Companion.serializer(): KSerializer<Float>

Returns serializer for Float with descriptor of PrimitiveKind.FLOAT kind.

fun Double.Companion.serializer(): KSerializer<Double>

Returns serializer for Double with descriptor of PrimitiveKind.DOUBLE kind.

fun Boolean.Companion.serializer(): KSerializer<Boolean>

Returns serializer for Boolean with descriptor of PrimitiveKind.BOOLEAN kind.

fun Unit.serializer(): KSerializer<Unit>

Returns serializer for Unit with descriptor of StructureKind.OBJECT kind.

fun String.Companion.serializer(): KSerializer<String>

Returns serializer for String with descriptor of PrimitiveKind.STRING kind.

fun UInt.Companion.serializer(): KSerializer<UInt>

Returns serializer for UInt.

fun ULong.Companion.serializer(): KSerializer<ULong>

Returns serializer for ULong.

fun UByte.Companion.serializer(): KSerializer<UByte>

Returns serializer for UByte.

fun UShort.Companion.serializer(): KSerializer<UShort>

Returns serializer for UShort.

fun Duration.Companion.serializer(): KSerializer<Duration>

Returns serializer for Duration. It is serialized as a string that represents a duration in the ISO-8601-2 format.

The result of serialization is similar to calling Duration.toIsoString, for deserialization is Duration.parseIsoString.