Package kotlinx.serialization.cbor

Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR) format implementation, as per RFC 7049.


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annotation class ByteString

Specifies that a ByteArray shall be encoded/decoded as CBOR major type 2: a byte string. For types other than ByteArray, ByteString will have no effect.

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sealed class Cbor : BinaryFormat

Implements encoding and decoding classes to/from bytes using CBOR specification. It is typically used by constructing an application-specific instance, with configured behaviour, and, if necessary, registered custom serializers (in SerializersModule provided by serializersModule constructor parameter).

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class CborBuilder

Builder of the Cbor instance provided by Cbor factory function.


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fun Cbor(from: Cbor = Cbor, builderAction: CborBuilder.() -> Unit): Cbor

Creates an instance of Cbor configured from the optionally given Cbor instance and adjusted with builderAction.