abstract fun advanceTimeBy(delayTimeMillis: Long): Long(source)

Moves the Dispatcher's virtual clock forward by a specified amount of time.

The amount the clock is progressed may be larger than the requested delayTimeMillis if the code under test uses blocking coroutines.

The virtual clock time will advance once for each delay resumed until the next delay exceeds the requested delayTimeMills. In the following test, the virtual time will progress by 2_000 then 1 to resume three different calls to delay.

fun advanceTimeTest() = runBlockingTest {
advanceTimeBy(2_000) // advanceTimeBy(2_000) will progress through the first two delays
// virtual time is 2_000, next resume is at 2_001
advanceTimeBy(2) // progress through the last delay of 501 (note 500ms were already advanced)
// virtual time is 2_0002

fun {
launch {
delay(1_000) // advanceTimeBy(2_000) will progress through this delay (resume @ virtual time 1_000)
// virtual time is 1_000
delay(500) // advanceTimeBy(2_000) will progress through this delay (resume @ virtual time 1_500)
// virtual time is 1_500
delay(501) // advanceTimeBy(2_000) will not progress through this delay (resume @ virtual time 2_001)
// virtual time is 2_001


The amount of delay-time that this Dispatcher's clock has been forwarded.



The amount of time to move the CoroutineContext's clock forward.