suspend fun <R> supervisorScope(block: suspend CoroutineScope.() -> R): R

Creates a CoroutineScope with SupervisorJob and calls the specified suspend block with this scope. The provided scope inherits its coroutineContext from the outer scope, but overrides context's Job with SupervisorJob. This function returns as soon as the given block and all its child coroutines are completed.

Unlike coroutineScope, a failure of a child does not cause this scope to fail and does not affect its other children, so a custom policy for handling failures of its children can be implemented. See SupervisorJob for additional details. A failure of the scope itself (exception thrown in the block or external cancellation) fails the scope with all its children, but does not cancel parent job.

The method may throw a CancellationException if the current job was cancelled externally, or rethrow an exception thrown by the given block.


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