suspend fun <T> runInterruptible(context: CoroutineContext = EmptyCoroutineContext, block: () -> T): T(source)

Calls the specified block with a given coroutine context in an interruptible manner. The blocking code block will be interrupted and this function will throw CancellationException if the coroutine is cancelled.


withTimeout(500L) {            // Cancels coroutine on timeout
runInterruptible { // Throws CancellationException if interrupted
doSomethingBlocking() // Interrupted on coroutines cancellation

There is an optional context parameter to this function working just like withContext. It enables single-call conversion of interruptible Java methods into suspending functions. With one call here we are moving the call to Dispatchers.IO and supporting interruption:

suspend fun <T> BlockingQueue<T>.awaitTake(): T =
runInterruptible(Dispatchers.IO) { queue.take() }

runInterruptible uses withContext as an underlying mechanism for switching context, meaning that the supplied block is invoked in an undispatched manner directly by the caller if CoroutineDispatcher from the current coroutineContext is the same as the one supplied in context.