suspend fun <T> runInterruptible(context: CoroutineContext = EmptyCoroutineContext, block: () -> T): T

Calls the specified block with a given coroutine context in a interruptible manner. The blocking code block will be interrupted and this function will throw CancellationException if the coroutine is cancelled.


withTimeout(500L) {            // Cancels coroutine on timeout
runInterruptible { // Throws CancellationException if interrupted
doSomethingBlocking() // Interrupted on coroutines cancellation

There is an optional context parameter to this function working just like withContext. It enables single-call conversion of interruptible Java methods into suspending functions. With one call here we are moving the call to Dispatchers.IO and supporting interruption:

suspend fun <T> BlockingQueue<T>.awaitTake(): T =
runInterruptible(Dispatchers.IO) { queue.take() }


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