fun <E> BroadcastChannel(capacity: Int): BroadcastChannel<E>

Creates a broadcast channel with the specified buffer capacity.

The resulting channel type depends on the specified capacity parameter:

  • when capacity positive, but less than UNLIMITED -- creates ArrayBroadcastChannel with a buffer of given capacity. Note: this channel looses all items that are send to it until the first subscriber appears;

  • when capacity is CONFLATED -- creates ConflatedBroadcastChannel that conflates back-to-back sends;

  • when capacity is BUFFERED -- creates ArrayBroadcastChannel with a default capacity.

  • otherwise -- throws IllegalArgumentException.

Note: This API is obsolete since 1.5.0. It will be deprecated with warning in 1.6.0 and with error in 1.7.0. It is replaced with StateFlow and SharedFlow.


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