Package kotlinx.serialization.protobuf

Protocol buffers serialization format implementation, mostly compliant to proto2 specification.


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sealed class ProtoBuf : BinaryFormat

Implements encoding and decoding classes to/from bytes using Proto2[] specification. It is typically used by constructing an application-specific instance, with configured specific behaviour and, if necessary, registered custom serializers (in SerializersModule provided by serializersModule constructor parameter).

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class ProtoBufBuilder

Builder of the ProtoBuf instance provided by ProtoBuf factory function.

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Represents a number format in protobuf encoding.

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annotation class ProtoNumber(val number: Int)

Specifies protobuf field number (a unique number for a field in the protobuf message) assigned to a Kotlin property.

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annotation class ProtoPacked

Instructs that a particular collection should be written as packed array

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annotation class ProtoType(val type: ProtoIntegerType)

Instructs to use a particular ProtoIntegerType for a property of integer number type. Affect Byte, Short, Int, Long and Char properties and does not affect others.


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fun ProtoBuf(from: ProtoBuf = ProtoBuf, builderAction: ProtoBufBuilder.() -> Unit): ProtoBuf

Creates an instance of ProtoBuf configured from the optionally given ProtoBuf instance and adjusted with builderAction.