annotation class SerialName(val value: String)

Overrides the name of a class or a property in the corresponding SerialDescriptor. Names and serial names are used by text-based serial formats in order to encode the name of the class or the name of the property, e.g. by Json.

By default, SerialDescriptor.serialName and SerialDescriptor.getElementName are associated with fully-qualified name of the target class and the name of the property respectively. Applying this annotation changes the visible name to the given value:

package foo

@Serializable // RegularName.serializer().descriptor.serialName is "foo.RegularName"
class RegularName(val myInt: Int)

@SerialName("CustomName") // Omit package from name that is used for diagnostic and polymorphism
class CustomName(@SerialName("int") val myInt: Int)

// Prints "{"myInt":42}"
// Prints "{"int":42}"


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fun SerialName(value: String)


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val value: String