expect class TestResult(source)

A test result.

  • On JVM and Native, this resolves to Unit, representing the fact that tests are run in a blocking manner on these platforms: a call to a function returning a TestResult will simply execute the test inside it.

  • On JS, this is a Promise, which reflects the fact that the test-running function does not wait for a test to finish. The JS test frameworks typically support returning Promise from a test and will correctly handle it.

Because of the behavior on JS, extra care must be taken when writing multiplatform tests to avoid losing test errors:

  • Don't do anything after running the functions returning a TestResult. On JS, this code will execute before the test finishes.

  • As a corollary, don't run functions returning a TestResult more than once per test. The only valid thing to do with a TestResult is to immediately return it from a test.

  • Don't nest functions returning a TestResult.

actual typealias TestResult = Promise<Unit>(source)
actual typealias TestResult = Unit
actual typealias TestResult = Unit
actual typealias TestResult = Promise<JsAny?>