class CoroutineInfo

Class describing coroutine info such as its context, state and stacktrace.


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fun lastObservedStackTrace(): List<StackTraceElement>

Last observed stacktrace of the coroutine captured on its suspension or resumption point. It means that for running coroutines resulting stacktrace is inaccurate and reflects stacktrace of the resumption point, not the actual current stacktrace.

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open override fun toString(): String


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val context: CoroutineContext

Coroutine context of the coroutine

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val creationStackTrace: List<StackTraceElement>

Creation stacktrace of the coroutine. Can be empty if DebugProbes.enableCreationStackTraces is not set.

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val job: Job?

Job associated with a current coroutine or null. May be later used in DebugProbes.printJob.

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val state: State

Last observed state of the coroutine