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KUG guidelines

A Kotlin User Group, or KUG, is a community that is dedicated to Kotlin and that offers you a place to share your Kotlin programming experience with like-minded people.

To become a KUG, your community should have some specific features shared by every KUG. It should:

  • Provide Kotlin-related content, with regular meetups as the main form of activity.

  • Host regular events (at least once every 3 months) with open registration and without any restriction for attendance.

  • Be driven and organized by the community, and it should not use events to earn money or gain any other business benefits from members and attendees.

  • Follow and ensure a code of conduct to provide a welcoming environment for attendees of any background and experience (check out our recommended Code of Conduct).

There are no limits regarding the format for KUG meetups. They can take place in whatever fashion works best for the community, whether that includes presentations, hands-on labs, lectures, hackathons, or informal beer-driven get-togethers.

How to run a KUG?

  • To promote group cohesion and prevent miscommunication, we recommend keeping to a limit of one KUG per city. Check out the list of KUGs to see if there is already a KUG in your area.

  • Use the official KUG logo and branding. Check out the branding guidelines.

  • Keep your user group active. Run meetups regularly, at least once every 3 months.

  • Announce your KUG meetups at least 2 weeks in advance. The announcement should contain a list of talks and the names of the speakers, as well as the location, timing, and any other crucial info about the event.

  • KUG events should be free or, if you need to cover organizing expenses, limit prices to a maximum of 10 USD.

  • Your group should have a code of conduct available for all members.

If your community has all the necessary features and follows these guidelines, you are ready to Apply to be a new KUG.

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Support for KUGs from JetBrains

Active KUGs that host at least 1 meetup every 3 months can apply for the community support program, which includes:

  • Official KUG branding.

  • A special entry on the Kotlin website.

  • Free licenses for JetBrains products to raffle off at meetups.

  • Priority support for Kotlin events and campaigns.

  • Help with recruiting Kotlin speakers for your events.

Support from JetBrains for other tech communities

If you organize any other tech communities, you can apply for support as well. By doing so, you may receive:

  • Free licenses for JetBrains products to raffle off at meetups.

  • Information about Kotlin official events and campaigns.

  • Kotlin stickers.

  • Help with recruiting Kotlin speakers for your events.

Last modified: 27 May 2024