Write the business logic for your iOS and Android apps just once, in pure Kotlin

Single codebase for the business logic with Kotlin Mobile SDK

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile allows you to use a single codebase for the business logic of iOS and Android apps. You only need to write platform-specific code where it’s necessary, for example to implement a native UI or when working with platform-specific APIs.

File structure

Get all the cross-platform benefits in your existing project

With Kotlin, if you want to make an existing project suitable for multiple platforms, you don’t have to go back to the drawing board. You can use the code you’ve already written and simply modify it to be compatible with iOS. You can even migrate your code in stages. So no matter how large your project is, your existing code will not prevent you from integrating KMM.

File structure

Use iOS and Android features without any overhead

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile does not impose any restrictions on how you develop your app’s UI or how you work with the platforms. Whenever a task cannot be solved in the shared code or whenever you want to use specific native features, you can use the expect/actual pattern to seamlessly write platform-specific code.

Platform specific features


data class Product(val name: String, val price: Int)fun List<Product>.checkOut() {val totalPrice = sumBy { it.price }val allPositions = joinToString(separator = " and ") { it.name }println("You've bought $allPositions for $totalPrice coins!")}

Use Kotlin for cross-platform code

You don’t need to introduce any new languages to your codebase to make your app cross-platform. Android developers that are already familiar with Kotlin know it to be a concise, safe, tool-friendly language that drastically improves the developer experience. Kotlin syntax is also easy to learn for iOS developers because it is based on the same modern concepts they are used to, so your whole team will be able to write cross-platform code efficiently.

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