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Hello Kotlin/Native using IntelliJ IDEA

Last Updated 15 January 2020
A look at how to create a Kotlin/Native application using IntelliJ IDEA

Creating a new Kotlin/Native project in IntelliJ IDEA

This following is applicable to both IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition as well as the Ultimate Edition.

From the File menu in IntelliJ IDEA or Welcome screen, select to create a new Project and in the first step of the Wizard select Kotlin on the left hand column and Native | Gradle on the right hand.

Wizard Step One

Click Next in the dialog and in the next step make sure Automatically import this project on changes in build script is checked. This is useful when starting out to make sure any immediate changes to the build script are imported automatically.

Wizard Step Two

On clicking Next, enter the path and name for the project.

Wizard Step Three

This will complete the process and open the newly created project in the IDE. By default the wizard will create the necessary Sample<TARGET>.kt file and provide code for writing some string to the standard output. Note that <TARGET> varies based on the operating system the project was created on (Windows, Linux, macOS).


To run the project, simply invoke the Run command in the IDE, by using the corresponding shortcuts or from the Run menu


The sample project can serve as the basis for any new project for Kotlin/Native.

What's next?

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