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Learning Kotlin with EduTools plugin

This tutorial walks you through the interactive learning with a set of Kotlin programming tasks.

With EduTools plugin you can learn and teach Kotlin through code practicing tasks. It is available both in Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA. This tutorial describes the interactive learning. If you want to use the EduTools plugin for teaching, read "Teaching Kotlin with EduTools plugin".

Installing EduTools plugin

Go to Preferences -> Plugins (or Configure -> Plugins from the Welcome Screen), press Install JetBrains Plugin… and search for EduTools plugin:

Installing EduTools plugin

When installed for the first time, the EduTools plugin asks if you're a Learner or an Educator. Please choose Learner:

Learner role

Joining a course

To open the list of available courses, go to Browse Courses on the Welcome Screen or in the File Menu. You can start with the Kotlin Koans, a series of exercises created to get you familiar with the Kotlin Syntax:

Join a course

If you have a course archive shared with you by your teacher or co-worker, use the Import Course icon to open it. You can also log in to Stepik with the corresponding link to see all the courses available to you on this MOOC platform.

Getting around

To start the course, go to View -> Tool Windows -> Project. You will find a course plan, the list of lessons. Every lesson has a set of tasks and code exercises you need to solve. Start with the very first one:

Course plan

Every task has a description that you can read in the Task Description panel (View -> Tool Windows -> Task Description) and exercise code in the Task.kt file:

Task details

Getting started

Now you're ready to start learning. Read the first task description and the exercise code. You will find a placeholder in the exercise code which you need to complete to solve the task:

Solve a task

When you are ready, verify the task with the Check icon at the top of Task Description panel. If you passed, there will be the Congratulations! message:

Verify task Passed task

Go on to the next task with the Next icon at the top of Task Description panel:

Next icon

Carry on solving

Continue on with the code exercises and learn more about Kotlin. Even if you make a mistake, EduTools will help you if you get stuck. If the verification failed, you will get a message to help you to find the mistake:

Failed task

If you want to start from scratch with the task, use the Reset icon at the top of Task Description panel:

Reset task

Or you can fill in the right answer with the Bulb icon:

Get an answer

Do not give up early! Make all the exercises green to finish the course:

Course progress