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July 2023

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December 2023

Welcome to the Kotlin roadmap! Get a sneak peek into the priorities of the Kotlin Team.

Key priorities

The goal of this roadmap is to give you a big picture. Here's a list of our key projects – the most important things we focus on delivering:

  • K2 compiler: a rewrite of the Kotlin compiler optimized for speed, parallelism, and unification. It will also let us introduce many anticipated language features.

  • K2-based IntelliJ plugin: much faster code completion, highlighting, and search, together with more stable code analysis.

  • Kotlin Multiplatform: promote the technology to Stable by improving the toolchain stability and documentation, and ensuring compatibility guarantees.

  • Experience of library authors: a set of documentation and tools helping to set up, develop, and publish Kotlin libraries.

Kotlin roadmap by subsystem

To view the biggest projects we're working on, visit the YouTrack board or the Roadmap details table.

If you have any questions or feedback about the roadmap or the items on it, feel free to post them to YouTrack tickets or in the #kotlin-roadmap channel of Kotlin Slack (request an invite).

YouTrack board

Visit the roadmap board in our issue tracker YouTrack YouTrack

Roadmap board in YouTrack

Roadmap details

What's changed since December 2022

Completed items

We've completed the following items from the previous roadmap:

New items

We've added the following items to the roadmap:

Removed items

We've removed the following items from the roadmap:

Items in progress

All other previously identified roadmap items are in progress. You can check their YouTrack tickets for updates.

Last modified: 08 August 2023