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This Expression

To denote the current receiver, we use this expressions:

If this has no qualifiers, it refers to the innermost enclosing scope. To refer to this in other scopes, label qualifiers are used:

Qualified this

To access this from an outer scope (a class, or extension function, or labeled function literal with receiver) we write this@label where @label is a label on the scope this is meant to be from:

class A { // implicit label @A
    inner class B { // implicit label @B
        fun Int.foo() { // implicit label @foo
            val a = this@A // A's this
            val b = this@B // B's this

            val c = this // foo()'s receiver, an Int
            val c1 = this@foo // foo()'s receiver, an Int

            val funLit = lambda@ fun String.() {
                val d = this // funLit's receiver

            val funLit2 = { s: String ->
                // foo()'s receiver, since enclosing lambda expression
                // doesn't have any receiver
                val d1 = this