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KMM evolution

Kotlin ecosystem components have four stability levels: Experimental, Alpha, Beta, and Stable. The current stability level of KMM is Alpha.

This means the Kotlin team is committed to KMM and the product will develop quickly. We will listen to your feedback and we will provide fixes and improvements as soon as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes we won’t be able to guarantee compatibility. However, we’ll try to avoid compatibility issues as much as possible by using feature flags and providing migration guides for new versions.

KMM’s stability level as an SDK is based on the lowest stability level of any of its existing core subcomponents. New KMM features and subcomponents are always considered Experimental in their first releases, and these do not affect the overall stability level.

ComponentStability level
Kotlin/Native RuntimeBeta
KLib binariesAlpha
expect/actual language featureBeta
Multiplatform Gradle pluginBeta
Kotlin/Native interop with C and Objective CBeta
CocoaPods integrationBeta
Multiplatform IDE supportAlpha
KMM plugin for Android StudioExperimental

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Last modified: 29 March 2021