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Get started

  • If you're already familiar with the Kotlin language and want to try out Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, check out our getting started page.

  • If you're new to Kotlin, read our language documentation or play with Kotlin on the Playground. Both of these are good places to learn about the basic language concepts.

What’s new


  • Join the #multiplatform channel in the Kotlin Slack and discuss KMM with thousands of developers from around the world.

  • Subscribe to the “kotlin-multiplatform” tag on StackOverflow, ask questions about KMM, and help other developers with their questions.

  • If you encounter a bug or have a feature request, create a new issue in the Kotlin issue tracker.


  • Walk through Kotlin Multiplatform with this intro-by-example from Britt Barak

  • Watch our production adopters Ben Asher and Alec Strong talk about their experience with Kotlin Multiplatform

  • Learn how some Kotlin Multiplatform aspects work under the hood and what challenges our team encountered while working on it

Last modified: 31 August 2020