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This is a curated list of Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) samples.

Do you have a great idea for a sample, or one you would like to add to the list?
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Sample nameWhat's shared?Popular libraries usedUI FrameworkiOS integrationPlatform APIsTestsJS targetFeatures
kmm-basic-sampleAlgorithms-XML, SwiftUIXcode build phases--
  • expect/ actual declarations

kmm-production-sampleModels, Networking, Data Storage, UI StateSQLDelight, Ktor, DateTime, multiplatform-settings, Napier, kotlinx.serializationJetpack Compose, SwiftUIXcode build phases--
  • Redux for sharing UI State

  • Published to Google Play and AppStore

KaMPKitModels, Networking, Data Storage, ViewModelsKoin, SQLDelight, Ktor, DateTime, multiplatform-settings, KermitJetpack Compose, SwiftUICocoaPods---
moko-templateModels, Networking, Data Storage, ViewModelsMoko Libraries, Ktor, multiplatform-settings-CocoaPods--
  • Modular architecture

  • Shared features: Resource management, Runtime permissions access, Media access, UI lists management

  • Network layer generation from OpenAPI.

PeopleInSpaceModels, Networking, Data StorageKoin, SQLDelight, KtorJetpack Compose, SwiftUICocoaPods, Swift Packages-
  • Android Wear OS

  • iOS

  • watchOS

  • macOS Desktop (Compose for Desktop)

  • Web (Compose for Web)

  • Web (Kotlin/JS + React Wrapper)

  • JVM

GitFox SDKModels, Networking, InteractorsKtorXML, UIKitXcode build phases--
  • Integrated into Flutter app

D-KMP-sampleNetworking, Data Storage, ViewModels, NavigationSQLDelight, Ktor, DateTime, multiplatform-settingsJetpack Compose, SwiftUIXcode build phases-
  • Implements the MVI pattern and the unidirectional data flow

  • Uses Kotlin's StateFlow to trigger UI layer recompositions

Food2Fork-KMMModels, Networking, Data Storage, InteractorsSQLDelight, Ktor, DateTimeJetpack Compose, SwiftUICocoaPods----
kmm-ktor-sampleNetworkingKtor, kotlinx.serialization, NapierXML, SwiftUIXcode build phases---
Currency Converter CalculatorModels, Networking, Data Storage, Algorithms, ViewModelsKtor, SQLDelight, koin, moko-resources, kotlinx.datetime, multiplatform-settingsXML, SwiftUICocoaPods-
  • Logic shared with the backend

  • Demonstrates how to create a multiplatform library

Last modified: 13 September 2021