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Server-side with Kotlin Webinar Series

Server-side webinars

In the next few weeks, speakers from JetBrains, Google, and Confluent will cover essential topics of backend development: event stream management with Kafka, running applications in the cloud, and backends with Spring Boot. For more information, and to register for the webinars, check out this blog post

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Kotlin Nights

Kotlin Nights

  • 4K of attendees
  • 78 events
  • 37 countries

Kotlin Night is a meetup that includes 3-4 talks on Kotlin or related technologies. At JetBrains we've organised a few events: Kotlin Night San Francisco and Kotlin Night London.

The community however is asking for more Kotlin Nights and are willing to organise these themselves. Here you would find guidelines and some hints on putting things together.

KotlinConf Global

  • 2K of attendees
  • 50 events
  • 20 countries

KotlinConf Global is a series of meetups organized by the community to watch and discuss the keynote and sessions from KotlinConf 2019. Find an event near you on the map, and join in with the community.

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Kotlin Nights

  • 28K of attendees
  • 350 events
  • 86 countries

This is a series of community-led events, where you can learn the essentials and best practices of Kotlin in Android, Google Cloud Platform, and multiplatform development