kotlin.test library provides annotations to mark test functions and a set of utility functions for performing assertions in tests, independently of the test framework being used.

The test framework is abstracted through the Asserter class. A basic Asserter implementation is provided out of the box. Note that the class is not intended to be used directly from tests, use instead the top-level assertion functions which delegate to the Asserter.

The library consists of the modules:

  • kotlin-test-common – assertions for use in common code;
  • kotlin-test-annotations-common – test annotations for use in common code;
  • kotlin-test – a JVM implementation of assertions from kotlin-test-common;
  • kotlin-test-junit – provides an implementation of Asserter on top of JUnit and maps the test annotations from kotlin-test-annotations-common to JUnit test annotations;
  • kotlin-test-js – a JS implementation of common test assertions and annotations with the out-of-the-box support for Jasmine, Mocha, and Jest testing frameworks, and an experimental way to plug in a custom unit testing framework.



Annotations to mark test functions and top-level functions for performing assertions in tests.



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