fun StringBuilder.toCharArray(
    destination: CharArray,
    destinationOffset: Int = 0,
    startIndex: Int = 0,
    endIndex: Int = this.length)


Copies characters from this string builder into the destination character array.


destination - the array to copy to.

destinationOffset - the position in the array to copy to, 0 by default.

startIndex - the beginning (inclusive) of the range to copy, 0 by default.

endIndex - the end (exclusive) of the range to copy, length of this string builder by default.


IndexOutOfBoundsException - or IllegalArgumentException when startIndex or endIndex is out of range of this string builder indices or when startIndex > endIndex.

IndexOutOfBoundsException - when the subrange doesn't fit into the destination array starting at the specified destinationOffset, or when that index is out of the destination array indices range.