interface KClassifier (source)

Platform and version requirements: Kotlin 1.1

A classifier is either a class or a type parameter.

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Inherited Functions


open operator fun equals(other: Any?): Boolean

Indicates whether some other object is "equal to" this one. Implementations must fulfil the following requirements:


open fun hashCode(): Int

Returns a hash code value for the object. The general contract of hashCode is:


open fun toString(): String

Returns a string representation of the object.

Extension Properties


val KClassifier.starProjectedType: KType

Creates an instance of KType with the given classifier, substituting all its type parameters with star projections. The resulting type is not marked as nullable and does not have any annotations.

Extension Functions


fun KClassifier.createType(
    arguments: List<KTypeProjection> = emptyList(),
    nullable: Boolean = false,
    annotations: List<Annotation> = emptyList()
): KType

Creates a KType instance with the given classifier, type arguments, nullability and annotations. If the number of passed type arguments is not equal to the total number of type parameters of a classifier, an exception is thrown. If any of the arguments does not satisfy the bounds of the corresponding type parameter, an exception is thrown.



interface KClass<T : Any> : 

Represents a class and provides introspection capabilities. Instances of this class are obtainable by the ::class syntax. See the Kotlin language documentation for more information.


interface KTypeParameter : KClassifier

Represents a declaration of a type parameter of a class or a callable. See the Kotlin language documentation for more information.