Specifies that a JVM default method should be generated for non-abstract Kotlin interface member.

Usages of this annotation require an explicit compilation argument to be specified: either -Xjvm-default=enable or -Xjvm-default=compatibility.

  • with -Xjvm-default=enable, only default method in interface is generated for each @JvmDefault method. In this mode, annotating an existing method with @JvmDefault can break binary compatibility, because it will effectively remove the method from the DefaultImpls class.
  • with -Xjvm-default=compatibility, in addition to the default interface method, a compatibility accessor is generated in the DefaultImpls class, that calls the default interface method via a synthetic accessor. In this mode, annotating an existing method with @JvmDefault is binary compatible, but results in more methods in bytecode.

Removing this annotation from an interface member is a binary incompatible change in both modes.

Generation of default methods is only possible with JVM target bytecode version 1.8 (-jvm-target 1.8) or higher.

@JvmDefault methods are excluded from interface delegation.