val definedExternally: Nothing

The property that can be used as a placeholder for statements and values that are defined in JavaScript.

This property can be used in two cases:

  • To represent body of an external function. In most cases Kotlin does not require to provide bodies of external functions and properties, but if for some reason you want to (for example, due to limitation of your coding style guides), you should use definedExternally.
  • To represent value of default argument.

There's two forms of using definedExternally:

  1. = definedExternally (for functions, properties and parameters).
  2. { definedExternally } (for functions and property getters/setters).

This property can't be used from normal code.


external fun foo(): String = definedExternally
external fun bar(x: Int) { definedExternally }
external fun baz(z: Any = definedExternally): Array<Any>
external val prop: Float = definedExternally