inline fun <T> Array<out T>.forEach(action: (T) -> Unit) (source)
inline fun ByteArray.forEach(action: (Byte) -> Unit) (source)
inline fun ShortArray.forEach(action: (Short) -> Unit) (source)
inline fun IntArray.forEach(action: (Int) -> Unit) (source)
inline fun LongArray.forEach(action: (Long) -> Unit) (source)
inline fun FloatArray.forEach(action: (Float) -> Unit) (source)
inline fun DoubleArray.forEach(action: (Double) -> Unit) (source)
inline fun BooleanArray.forEach(action: (Boolean) -> Unit) (source)
inline fun CharArray.forEach(action: (Char) -> Unit) (source)
inline fun <T> Iterable<T>.forEach(action: (T) -> Unit) (source)

Performs the given action on each element.

inline fun <K, V> Map<out K, V>.forEach(
    action: (Entry<K, V>) -> Unit)

Performs the given action on each entry.

inline fun <T> Iterator<T>.forEach(operation: (T) -> Unit) (source)

Performs the given operation on each element of this Iterator.