inline fun <T> Array<T>.copyOf(): Array<T> (source)
inline fun ByteArray.copyOf(): ByteArray (source)
inline fun ShortArray.copyOf(): ShortArray (source)
inline fun IntArray.copyOf(): IntArray (source)
inline fun LongArray.copyOf(): LongArray (source)
inline fun FloatArray.copyOf(): FloatArray (source)
inline fun DoubleArray.copyOf(): DoubleArray (source)
inline fun BooleanArray.copyOf(): BooleanArray (source)
inline fun CharArray.copyOf(): CharArray (source)

Returns new array which is a copy of the original array.

inline fun ByteArray.copyOf(newSize: Int): ByteArray (source)
inline fun ShortArray.copyOf(newSize: Int): ShortArray (source)
inline fun IntArray.copyOf(newSize: Int): IntArray (source)
inline fun LongArray.copyOf(newSize: Int): LongArray (source)
inline fun FloatArray.copyOf(newSize: Int): FloatArray (source)
inline fun DoubleArray.copyOf(newSize: Int): DoubleArray (source)
inline fun BooleanArray.copyOf(newSize: Int): BooleanArray (source)
inline fun CharArray.copyOf(newSize: Int): CharArray (source)
inline fun <T> Array<T>.copyOf(newSize: Int): Array<T?> (source)

Returns new array which is a copy of the original array, resized to the given newSize.