class KmEffect(var type: KmEffectType, var invocationKind: KmEffectInvocationKind?) : KmEffectVisitor

Represents an effect (a part of the contract of a Kotlin function).

Contracts are an internal feature of the standard Kotlin library, and their behavior and/or binary format may change in a subsequent release.


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constructor(type: KmEffectType, invocationKind: KmEffectInvocationKind?)


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Conclusion of the effect. If this value is set, the effect represents an implication with this value as the right-hand side.

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Arguments of the effect constructor, i.e. the constant value for the KmEffectType.RETURNS_CONSTANT effect, or the parameter reference for the KmEffectType.CALLS effect.

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optional number of invocations of the lambda parameter of this function, specified further in the effect expression

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type of the effect


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open fun visitEnd()

Visits the end of the effect.