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Kotlin/Native with CLion

Last Updated 23 January 2018
Using CLion for Kotlin/Native development

In this tutorial we'll see how to

Configuring CLion for Kotlin/Native development

While it is certainly possible to use any editor to write Kotlin/Native code, JetBrains provides a fully-fledged IDE experience for Kotlin/Native via CLion. CLion is a C/C++ IDE built on the IntelliJ platform.

Kotlin support in CLion is provided via a couple of plugins, namely the Kotlin plugin which provides core support for the language, and the Kotlin/Native plugin which adds functionality for native support. Both of these plugins are provided by JetBrains and can be installed using the the Plugins configuration dialog


Once installed (which requires a restart of the IDE), we should now have Kotlin support enabled. We can now create a new project using the New Project wizard

New Project

Additionally we can also create a new project based on an exiting sample template, by choosing one of the available ones

New Project Template

In our case we're going to use the Hello World template to generate a sample application.

Building an running the application

Once we have created the application, we can build and run it by using the Run menu and selecting Build, or alternatively pressing the assigned keyboard shortcut (which depends on our keyboard mapping)

Build and Run

To run the application, we merely select Run from the same Build menu and see the output